Love me, custom handmade canvas

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This “Love me”, custom handmade canvas wall art will turn heads and make jaws drop!

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Valentine’s day, a holiday that’s often centered around love is a day for couples to show one another how much they mean to each other. This is done over an elaborate meal at a 5 star restaurant which involves nice jewelry, and of course we can’t forget the big boutique of roses!

This valentine’s day, make a difference and stop the traditional way of celebrating. Give your loved one(s) something to smile for, not just for one day, but for the rest of the year!

This canvas makes for the perfect décor item. Hang it to any wall in your home from the living room, to the kitchen or in the office. Some of you may be thinking… what about other holiday’s? Guess what! This can be a gift even if it isn’t valentine’s day! It’s great for weddings, anniversaries, engagements or you guessed it, valentine’s day!

Great décor item! Hang to any wall in any room.

What are you waiting for? Shop with the ifixxstore, and let us get started on your custom handmade canvas today!

How to get your website ranked number one on Google

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When the iFixx store first started out, we had no idea how to become ranked among many and getting our website to look the way it does, was a tedious task. We were looking for the best website builder, and as first time business owners, this was hard!

First, We had done tons of research, and, had even hired multiple website builders to work on specific items. Some did good by us. Others had often messed up or hadn’t done anything discussed. Causing us and our goal of being ranked on Google to just fade.

Going through this just pushed us into a corner to take on the tedious task, head on ourselves because, we know how hard it is. With everything that we do we aim to do it from a place of respect, honor, love and loyalty within ourselves first. Gaining the knowledge needed to help ourselves and then in return, others! This is how we knew building websites would be great! The first rule for a great website is optimization. How would customers even know who you are and what you do if your content isn’t optimized effectively?

Optimization is very important and without it you will fail.

We know getting customers to try and find you, especially when your business first starts out, can cause a bit of frustration. Let the iFixx Store take those frustrations away! We are your personal website builders! Aiming to get your business’ ranked number one on Google. Its the second month of the year, don’t delay, let theiFixx Store help you today! We are just a phone call away.

iPhone 12, 3D Black & Red Air Jordan Phone Case

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Just look at this beautifully designed iPhone 12, Black & Red, 3D Air Jordan phone case. This beauty offers an array of protection, starting with the screen, all of the surrounding edges, and, its even shock proof! Talk about coverage! That’s everything I’d want a phone case to have, and, if you happen to have the 12 Pro instead and you’re thinking this case won’t fit, Think again! Fun fact, the iPhone 12 and the 12 Pro have the same exact case size! That’s right! Now you and your friends…or your entire family can be styled with this cool 3D Retro Air Jordan phone case. If you’re anything like us, a phone needs a case and, with the new iPhone 12 ranging at about $1,000 in price; you bet you’d want to have your phone protected! At all costs! Get the new iPhone 12, Black & Red, 3D Retro Air Jordan phone case here!