iPhone 12, 3D Black & Red Air Jordan Phone Case

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Just look at this beautifully designed iPhone 12, Black & Red, 3D Air Jordan phone case. This beauty offers an array of protection, starting with the screen, all of the surrounding edges, and, its even shock proof! Talk about coverage! That’s everything I’d want a phone case to have, and, if you happen to have the 12 Pro instead and you’re thinking this case won’t fit, Think again! Fun fact, the iPhone 12 and the 12 Pro have the same exact case size! That’s right! Now you and your friends…or your entire family can be styled with this cool 3D Retro Air Jordan phone case. If you’re anything like us, a phone needs a case and, with the new iPhone 12 ranging at about $1,000 in price; you bet you’d want to have your phone protected! At all costs! Get the new iPhone 12, Black & Red, 3D Retro Air Jordan phone case here!

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