Warning! Carway auto sales 1301 N state road 7 33063

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Warning carway auto sales @ 1301 N ST R 7 IN MARGATE FLORIDA has sold me a 2009 Dodge Durango white this is my 2nd vehicle from them the 1st vehicle I was having issues with how they charged me $10000 for a 2005 but I need it so I decided to get my wife another one and I decided to go with them trusting that they would honour the fact that I just paid off a $10000 long Now I’m in California and I got a $2009 the range will deliver to me and it is a complete disaster it is a complete Lemon The engine light is on DAB S light is on the ESP/BAS life this dam will has no control and now it’s Monday March aged 2021 at 1141 and I am still trying to get in contact with them after them being opened and they are purposely hanging up on me they are purposely avoiding my call I highly highly suggest that no one does business with carway auto sales for they will smile in your face and lie behind your bag and once the paperwork is sign they will do everything in their power to make it seem like it was your fault If this happens to you Make sure that you document everything that your going through car way I will be getting my money back 😀

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